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Lipstik Dinding is a close knit construction and interior design company consisting of designers that work stylishly together. We are committed in achieving the best quality for the clients by working with passionate driven individuals; exchanging ideas to learn and grow more.

We will create a professional design project for any real estate object: apartment, house, office, restaurant or any other premises.  We will develop rational planning solutions for you, select high-quality furniture and building materials, prepare a complete set of drawings and sketches, as well as a 3D model of the object at a reasonable price.

Explore Most Popular Interior Design Styles

Elegance Living Room

Focusing on customer preferences, we try to offer the best design options that combine the customer’s ideas and our own ideas. We are interested in every new project, and we make every effort to use the existing experience in interior design.

We strive to match the project budget with the client’s financial capabilities as much as possible.Your vision is our main source of inspiration.

The best kitchen interiors are not only attractive but versatile and definitely comfortable.

Dining Hall

Create your own "Eat-In Kitchen"

The kitchen is one of the most important places in the house where the whole family gathers. We spend a significant part of our life here, so the interior of the kitchen should be comfortable, multifunctional, match the style of the hostess and meet the needs of the whole family. Consider the existing styles of kitchen interior.

Classic Country Concept

Country style is quite popular nowadays, because it creates the atmosphere of a cozy country house, filled with warmth and family comfort. The rhythm of modern life is so fleeting that when you come home from work, you want to find yourself where you can relax not only physically, but also mentally. Country-style interior is exactly what can take you from hard working days to a cozy family nest.

The decoration of the premises designed in this direction is deliberately rough and rustic. The furniture is of characteristic classical forms, but very simplified and artificially aged. In general, all this is very reminiscent of the features of Provence, but there are still significant differences in the colors and nature of the premises. It is dominated by brown, woody tones, shades of beige and sandy colors.

Classic country house interiors can be made in different color variations. The most popular is a neutral color base with gilding and color accents.

The country style has attracted sophisticated lovers of comfort and originality for several decades. Being in a room with a “rustic” interior, you feel pleasure and unity with nature.

English Style

The English style interior is one of the most popular contemporary styles, projects in which can be found all over the world.

Inspired by the English homes from centuries ago, this style emphasizes elegance, luxury and good taste.

The elements of this style include the use of patterns, wooden furniture, and incorporated with bright and muted colours.

Our work flow

Our work involves several stages to ensure the success of each project


We visit your facility and carry out thorough measurements. Further, our task is to understand what kind of interior you want in your facility, what your preferences and wishes are. To develop a concept, we ask you a block of questions to take into account your functional and aesthetic needs, and we will also show you many ready-made interiors in different styles in order to accurately capture the idea of ​​your interior


Any interior design project starts with a planning solution. Our architect provides professional space solutions that represent all of your requirements while also complementing them with unique finds. The following are already taken into account at the initial design stage: ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, furniture selection, and construction materials as well as equipment. The designer will create a 3D visualisation of all the premises of the project to make it easier for you to visualise the future situation. Visualization protects you from making poor decisions, incurring excessive money, and experiencing disappointment.


Based on 3D visualisation, our designers create a detailed functional project. All of the designs required for the interior’s realisation are included in the working project:


We will present full interior design project. If necessary, we will conduct a thorough selection of furniture and equipment, prepare a precise estimate, personally supervise or complete the implementation of our project.

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