creative and innovative Interior Design Team

Luxury Modern Interior Design
by Lipstik Dinding

Whether sleek, modern minimalist or sophisticated interiors , our experts will realize the space of your dreams.

creative and innovative Interior Design Team

Luxury Modern Interior Designn
by Lipstik Dinding

Whether sleek, modern minimalist or sophisticated interiors , our experts will realize the space of your dreams.

Luxury Modern Interior Design

Whether sleek interior or sophisticated minimalism, our experts will realize the space of your dreams.

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Lipstik Dinding offers  professional residential and commercial interior design in Shah Alam, Malaysia. Our professionals know how to make the most of every available square foot and will assist you in creating a welcoming environment in your house. We provide a comprehensive spectrum of design services, from concept to field supervision and project implementation.

Our approach ensures a high-quality study of all stages of the design and implementation of a design project, from the planning solution, 3D modeling to the final cost estimate of the repair and architectural supervision.

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Interiors for a pleasant life are what we do! We’ll take you from the first concept until the time you’re completely satisfied with your new house! We’ll take care of everything: we’ll create a beautiful and functional interior design, choose all of the materials and furniture, and put together a fantastic team to bring the project to life.

Why us

Focusing on customer preferences, we try to offer the best design options that combine the customer’s ideas and our own ideas. We are interested in every new project, and we make every effort to use the existing experience in interior design.

We strive to match the project budget with the client’s financial capabilities as much as possible.Your vision is our main source of inspiration.

The task of a designer as a specialist in the field of space design is to see a living room or any other space in a new way, from a professional point of view, and to embody his creative vision. 

What makes us different?

Only the best quality materials are used in all our projects.

Interior design is a team effort . Our company consists of highly qualified specialists. Designer services begin to be provided from the very beginning of the project and stop only after the customer receives the result he wants.

Our professional interior designers work in close cooperation with other professionals – engineers, architects, construction supervisors.

The studio team is a team of highly professional specialists. The company has a solid experience in the design market and more than a dozen successful projects of apartments and houses in Klang Valley. The company concludes formal contracts with all clients, which means that it is always responsible for the result. Personal communication with the designer will help you assess the level of taste, skill and professionalism of the studio staff. 

Time is very valuable for both our company and client. We try our best to complete the project according to the agreed timeline. 

We are always up to date with the latest design styles. Do you have an interest in a any interior style? let us know.

Pay for the project in stages in a way convenient for you.

The price for the work is fixed in the contract and does not rise.

Project warranty 

For repair and finishing work 

The designer and builder are in touch at a convenient time for you.

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